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Christmas for the doggies

21 Dec

Seems kinda like they have Christmas all year.  At least on their terms.  Walks, belly rubs, back yard inspections, fence barking, chasing anything in their domain, and not to mention full run of the house.  There are bones, table treats, cushiony things to lay on…or chew, and of course so many markings….so little time.

Regardless of all that fun, and endless sleeping times, I feel compelled to get the canine companions a Christmas gift.  I certainly don’t want them to feel left out.  I can’t have that now…

So as I look at the stores and what they offer I begin to thing – hmmmm perhaps something home-made would be better appreciated.  Afterall mommies loving hands made it.  So I go to the other store and look at what it takes to make a cushion, all the parts and pieces and then add up the time.  Then I think…dogs don’t have the ‘its home-made from you -so I appreciate it more’ gene.  They have the I want to ‘sniff, lick, then gobble’ gene. They also have the I want to ‘run with, chase, bark, roll, and tug’ gene.   Or the I want to “sniff, mark, destroy, then bury’ gene.  So my gift needs to be more fitting.

So more rope, rubber tires, chewy yummy (home made) dog treats, and a blanket… again.  They don’t know why they are getting it, or why the house is turned upside down with human activity…but they are happy as can be to get what they have received.  Now if they would just leave the christmas tree upright and the ornaments in tact!