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Dogs wonderful dogs

8 Jan

Canines.  What true friends.  What loyal creatures.  Those that love them, do so because of that unconditional love they provide.  The relationships we build with them are very honest, and open. 

They make you laugh, feel safe, provide good company, smile, share their energy, and are always ready to give.  They play hard, and sleep hard.  They always find ways to amaze us.  They want to please, they listen with a raised ear and a slightly turned head.  They look you in the eye, talk to you, and show many moods and emotions. They will alert you, protect you, and greet everyone that comes to your door. 

Pet your dog, rub his/her belly.  Give them a bone.  If they have an accident, don’t be too tough on them.  Have patience and a kind heart.  Give them the forgiveness they give you when you accidentally  step on their tail. 

If you can, find a way to show the people around you that same kind of forgiveness.  Especially if they have asked.  We should treat people at least as good as we treat our wonderful canine friends.