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Dog emergency – Poison

4 Jan

Well, fun times for the holidays.  I went out to have lunch with a friend.  As the crazy times of the holidays were in full swing, I unfortunately had to cut my luncheon short due to an appointment that was rescheduled at the last-minute.  So as I returned home, and I walked in through the door I looked around and saw the family puttering along and the dogs lounging throughout the room.  I looked down on the floor so see a mutilated yellow box that I know contained mouse poison! 

Oh no!!!! I have a real challenge here.  No one saw which dog it was, no dog was confessing, the door bell was ringing, the kids were beginning to understand this situation, I got the vet office on the phone….chaos insued

The first thing I was told to do in induce vomiting in all dogs.  I had no idea which dog it was, so they all needed to be checked.  How do you accomplish that task?  Have them drink a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide.  So as fast as we could, we all grabbed a dog (4 of them) and began to have them ingest the peroxide.  It was difficult to say the least.  I didn’t know a dog could spit…but they can.  We got the appropriate amount into each of them, and then put them in the back yard.  I spent the next 10 minutes following them around so when they did up chuck I could look at it to see if there was evidence of the poison.  3 of the 4 dogs got sick and all 3 were free of any poison.  The last one, the smallest, refused to throw up.  I call the vet back and they said to run him and gently shake him.  So we did.  We,  as gently as we could,  shook him like a soda bottle and ran him up and down the drive way.  He is only 10 pounds.  He would not vomit.  So, as a process of elimination I grabbed the empty box of poison and the dog and went to the emergency vet clinic. 

Within minutes they were able to induce vomiting with a single injection.  He was the guilty party, he ate the entire contents of the box.  Fortunately he only had it in him for about an hour, so there is no harm.  We were all Blessed for the timing of everything and that he didn’t hide the container.  The vet said that most dogs come to them when the symptoms begin to manifest, then it can be too late.  We were given medicine for the next few weeks and a bill of health. 

Wow, crazy stuff and I am glad it is over with a happy ending.  Now I know what to do if it ever happens again.  Also I have eliminated any other mouse poisons from my house!


Being as good as, or even as happy as, my dog.

5 Jun

Living up to being as awesome as our dogs….can it be done?

Sure they think we are great.  They love us.  Look at your little bit of something special – see how they look at you?  That expectation of being as awesome as they think you are is big enough.  Try aiming for being as good as they are. 

Can you be as silly?  Can you be as trusting?  Can you be as trustworthy?  Can you be as adventuresome?  Do you know how to relax that well?  Do you know how to run as freely?  Can you sniff the air and really pick up the incredible scent of living? No.  They completely live in the moment, and man do they seem happy.  That is a lesson to be learned.

Could I really be content with a bowl of food, some water, and the same soft bed every night?  Is it possible to be in the moment and not worried, stressed, distressed, or otherwise occupied?

The up side, cleaning myself entails a shower, soap and a towel.  Relieving myself is indoors with plumbing.  I do not have to chase things in the yard, nor is my tail my nemesis.  There are some puts and takes.  Yep there are lessons to be learned, but also some things to be grateful for. 

I love my dogs.  They are great guys.