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Perhaps this and similar churches should be investigated this is horrible

9 Jan


This is a Baptist Church‘s web site.  Affiliated or not this has a Baptist name.  Maybe the Baptist church should put an equally strong opposing statement out.    Perhaps there needs to be a major investiagion of all the Churches that agree to this,  to understand where the hate and intolerance really comes from. 

God created everyone, all are his children.  Jesus didn’t look at anyone with hate.  He was angry with several church leaders, but he loves everyone. 

Baptist Churches preach as much hate as any other radical group.  This is so typical of white male arrogance, and manipulation of who Jesus is, and how God interacts with His people.  God Bless the Churches that don’t behave this way, there are those that don’t.

This Church needs to examine itself.  Anyone who supports and follows this teaching is blindly following the wrong things.  Does God  really need to behave this way?  Isn’t he better than that, and more powerful? 

God Bless the victims.  Pray for the shooters family, how horrible for them.  Pray that all guilty parties are correctly brought to justice under our nations’ laws.