Stubborn and smart

20 Nov

So I have a dog that is very stubborn.  They all are in their own way, but this one has a strange sense of independence.  He refuses to do his business in my yard (which is several acres).  He wants to go on anyone else’s property. 

Problem…he is a small dog, 10 pounds, and is mostly an inside dog.  He is leash only outside as he likes to run off, do his business…and then keep running.  So that means I have to walk him or else…a no go.  When I take him on a walk he goes in the exact same yard.  No matter what way I walk, how long it takes to get there he will wait. I have tried mixing it up, and walk in other directions. I have even tried jogging and not just walking.  I thought that would work for sure.    He wants to go there.  He will sit and refuse to go home until I go that way.  He has lived here a short time, but has been determined to control this.  If I am unable to walk him for a day he will hold it.  It makes me nervous so I am careful not to let him ‘hold it’ for more than a day or so.  You would think that he wouldn’t give it a second thought, but apparently it is big on his mind.

Always fun, you never know what will happen with these guys.  I love my dogs.



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