My dog is afraid of thunderstorms

2 Mar

So, if you read my blog you will know I have 4 dogs.  One is a friends, and three are mine.  I have a well-behaved pack.  Once in a while there is a small issue, but we work on it and resolve it rather quickly. 

There is one issue I have not been able to resolve just yet….storm anxiety.  Of course off all my dogs, it is the biggest and strongest that is afraid.  The other dogs are fine, and just look at him like “dude – really?”

I have tried the medicine, and honestly all I get is a big dog with anxiety that is now drunk.  I have to worry about him falling and hurting himself.  He won’t fall asleep, he just runs and panics on the meds.  Sooo, I threw them away.

I put on background noise to help distract and over ride the storm, but thunder is loud.  It works a bit.  I have exercised him hard on the days of a storm so he will be tired and sleep deeply…denied a victory there too. 

At night-time, when a storm hits,  I will have him jump onto the bed and put my arm around him and I fall back to sleep.  He will sleep sometimes and it works, or if it is super aggressive storm he jumps down and runs in circles. 

He has a bed, a safe haven to go to, but it is not a winner during storms.  Play time during a storm is doesn’t happen either.  It is funny that it is the dog bred to hunt lions because of the irony.  It is sad because he trembles and is feeling real fear. 

I have spoken to trainers and taken their advise.  So far nothing has really worked.  I keep looking, I would love to see him sleep right through one at some point.  Especially now that spring is near and storms are a brewing!


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