Canine attitude

30 Sep

So we all think our kids have attitudes.  A smart mouth here and there, an eye roll, or a snuffy under the breath comment.  Well I am here to tell you so do dogs.

Another reason to be glad they don’t have opposable thumbs…they would be able to efficiently work that middle claw.  My puggle looks at me from time to time and (I really believe) scoff’s.  He looks, listens, ignore’s and then does what he wants.  All while wagging his tail and thinking what a beautiful dog he is.    Which of your kids does that sound like?  I know a few it reminds me of. 

One of my favorites is the ‘it wasn’t me’ look.  Clearly someone left the little gift on the floor.  I know the humans have been trained with enough humility not to do that (anymore).  With multiple dogs you have to do some proportional math…it is not that hard.  The guilty party always is the one with the attitude.  The innocent ones are running and hiding!

Then there is the big happy smile of ‘look what I did for you”….only to look behind them to see the furniture rearrangement was not moving the furniture as much as it was turning it inside out.  Huh…do I praise the effort and the considerate thought?????  Sigh…

All in a day when you answer the door to animal control because the smallest dog thinks he is the biggest.  Passer-byer’s are intimidated by the hackle raised bark of the small chunky monkey pooch that thinks he own’s a particular part of the street.  When he escapes and runs up to perfectly innocent joggers and causes all kinds of mayhem.  I am reminded…I love my dogs…I love my dogs….I love my dogs.  At least he didn’t bite anyone.  fyi…he is sitting here looking innocent!


One Response to “Canine attitude”

  1. Liberator October 8, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    I’m glad that I’ve found your site. Thank you for sharing your talent and wholesome information with us. You are a bright light!

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