Being as good as, or even as happy as, my dog.

5 Jun

Living up to being as awesome as our dogs….can it be done?

Sure they think we are great.  They love us.  Look at your little bit of something special – see how they look at you?  That expectation of being as awesome as they think you are is big enough.  Try aiming for being as good as they are. 

Can you be as silly?  Can you be as trusting?  Can you be as trustworthy?  Can you be as adventuresome?  Do you know how to relax that well?  Do you know how to run as freely?  Can you sniff the air and really pick up the incredible scent of living? No.  They completely live in the moment, and man do they seem happy.  That is a lesson to be learned.

Could I really be content with a bowl of food, some water, and the same soft bed every night?  Is it possible to be in the moment and not worried, stressed, distressed, or otherwise occupied?

The up side, cleaning myself entails a shower, soap and a towel.  Relieving myself is indoors with plumbing.  I do not have to chase things in the yard, nor is my tail my nemesis.  There are some puts and takes.  Yep there are lessons to be learned, but also some things to be grateful for. 

I love my dogs.  They are great guys.


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