Most obiedient dog breeds

14 Mar

Great article by Michelle Norton.  Nice information 

Top Obedient Dog Breeds

By Michelle Norton, eHow Contributor
updated: February 5, 2010

  1. Which are the most obedient dog breeds is a matter of some debate. By “obedient” list-makers usually mean “trainable.” Trainability in a dog depends on what the breed was bred for and how much work an owner is willing to put into training. No matter how trainable or smart a dog breed is, if you do not train the animal it will never be obedient.
  2. Herding Dogs

  3. Herding dogs are probably the best at obedience trials. They need constant training and are happiest when trained for a purpose, as they are bred to work. Australian cattle dogs need both metal and physical workouts daily. Shetland sheepdogs are excellent agility dogs and are extremely loyal.
  4. Sporting Dogs

  5. Sporting dogs are bred for hunting birds and other types of game. Labrador retrievers are among the most popular of these dogs and considered one of the smartest and most trainable breeds. The Labrador retriever has been number one on the AKC most popular dogs list for many years running. Golden retrievers also rank high and are very trainable.
  6. Hounds

  7. Hound dogs such as dachshunds and greyhounds are dogs that hunt by sight or smell, and have also been bred to be highly trainable. The most effective method of training your hound will depend on whether it is a sighthound or a scent hound. Dachshunds fall into the latter category. When training dachshunds, therefore, it is best to use games that involve the sense of smell.
  8. Working Dogs

  9. Working dogs are usually guard dogs, such as rottweilers and dobermans. Both breeds are loyal and fierce in protecting their homes. They make good family dogs and tend to shed less than other breeds. They enjoy working and training because of the praise they receive.Rottweilers are intelligent dogs and milder than their doberman cousins. They are equally loyal to their masters and accept training well.

    German shepherds are among the best guard dogs. They need a very structured home and training.

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