Dog Breeds that make terrible “Watch Dogs”

25 Feb

I found this article that was kinda funny.  I have had dogs that would show anyone coming in the house where everything is at….and not even ask for a treat.  Not suprising the worse of the offenders is on this list.  Now I know. 

Now what we mean when we say ‘make a better watchdog’ is the capabilities to hear and smell danger as well as the barking capabilities and instincts of the dog breeds.

The bloodhound is the least likely to make a good watchdog as the bloodhound is least likely to bark and most likely to remain quiet and make no disturbances.

The Newfoundland, the Saint Bernard, the Basset Hound and the Bulldog are all breeds that do not make very good watchdogs either. These breeds are all more silent breeds when it comes to warning people of danger.

Another thing to remember when selecting a breed or a breed mix for a potential watchdog is the size of the dog. Just because a dog is big in stature (Saint Bernard) doesn’t mean they will feel more protective as dogs are not aware of their size.

Old English Sheepdog, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound and Pug all finish off the list of the least-favorable dogs to have in the position of a watchdog.


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