Cool list – best dogs for service

13 Feb


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Dogs are amazing creatures, capable of so much more than many of us realize. They help ordinary people in extraordinary ways! Read on to learn more about 10 wonderful types of service dogs.

Be sure to read: Service Dogs: To pet or not to pet?

Have you had encounters with these or other types of service dogs? Post a comment and share your experience.

Police dogs

Informational websites: McGruff’s Dog Blog (kids)

Fire Dogs

Popular breeds: Dalmation

Informational websites: Sparky The Fire Dog (kids)

Search & Rescue Dogs

U.S. Customs & Border Protection Dogs

Popular breeds: Sporting Dogs, Labrador Retriever,

Guide & Hearing Dogs

Informational websites: Guide Dogs of America

Therapy Dogs

Popular breeds: Various

Informational websites: International Therapy Dogs, Inc

Seizure Alert Dogs

Popular breeds: Golden Retriever, Setter mixes, Samoyed crosses, Border Collie crosses, German Shepherd

Informational websites: Epilepsy Foundation

Physical Assistance Dogs

Informational websites: Canine Companions for Independence

Dogs for Diabetics

Popular breeds: Various

Informational websites: Dogs4Diabetics

Military Dogs

Popular breeds: Dutch & German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois

Informational websites: Military Working Dog Foundation


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