2010 Most Heroic Dogs

11 Feb

I saw this article from Cesar Millan‘s web site.  I wanted to share this with you.

Most Heroic Dogs of 2010

We always hear those stories of dogs saving humans in incredible feats of bravery, but we often forget about them as the year moves forward. So we would like to take the time to share with you some of the dogs selected in The Daily Beast’s Heroic Animals of 2010 and remember those canines that have made a heroic impact in our world.

Although his owner was an NYPD officer, Blue never intended on solving any crimes in his lifetime. But while on a walk with his owner John Mallia, Blue sniffed out a set of skeletal bones that would eventually lead to an FBI investigation. His crime-fighting nose eventually led to the later discovery of three more bodies in the area.

Bandit became an unexpected hero while a guest in his neighbor’s home. Staying with the DeStefani’s for the weekend, the Pomeranian-Poodle mix alerted the sleeping family when a stovetop fire erupted and the smoke alarms failed to sound. The family escaped safely and Bandit was a hero!

Buddy, a 5-year-old German Shepherd, led an Alaska State Trooper to his owner’s property fire on April 4, 2010. Photo courtesy of Alaska State Troopers

When a spark from a heater engulfed Ben Heinrichs’ shop in flames, German Shepherd Buddy lept into action. Heinrichs suffered severe burns on his face and hands and had directed Buddy to “get help.” Buddy intercepted the Alaska State Troopers that were responding to the fire and guided them directly to his injured owner. Read more about Buddy’s story here!

Of the many dogs to come out of the war in Afghanistan, Target was one of the greatest! She provided comfort and companionship to the many soldiers based in Afghanistan, and even though she was a stray, she quickly became part of the troops’ family. Upon his return home, Georgia National Guardsman Chris Duke requested for Target to be transported to the states. Target eventually made the journey to the U.S. and ended up with a military family in Arizona, but unfortunately met a tragic end when she was accidentally euthanized in a local animal control after escaping from her owner’s yard. Target’s memory will forever remain a prime example of the power of canine companionship.

Golden Retriever Angel lived up to her name when she saved her 11-year-old owner from a cougar attack. While walking in the woods near his home, Austin Foreman was approached by a wild cougar. Watching the scene unfold, Angel quickly jumped in front of the cougar, allowing Austin to run to the house and call for help. Both Angel and Austin escaped the attack with their lives.

Four-year-old pit bull mix Baby with four-year-old Morgan White Troopers

When The Berkeley East Bay Humane Society burned down this past May, many dogs and cats were left (once again without homes). Volunteers and aid workers took in the homeless animals and cared for them while new homes and shelters were sought out, but in the midst of the chaos, an unlikely hero emerged. Baby, a four-year-old pit bull mix, lived in the apartment above the shelter, and as the fire erupted, she alerted her sleeping owner JoHanna White to escape. Read more about this heroic tale here!


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