Crazy things a dog will do

31 Jan
Rhodesian Ridgeback during dogs show in Katowi...

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Ok,  I have three dogs.  You never know what will happen.  I have to say, this experience that i am about to describe has been the most unbelievable thing yet.  One of my three seems to be the most mischievous.

I have a Rhodesian ridgeback.  He is 2 years old, likes to hunt, run, and jump.  He is funny and sweet.  There is also a disgusting streak that runs deep in him.  We jus had a 9 in snow drop.  He was out romping and having a fun time.  I was keeping an eye on him, and he wears a remote leash.  When he gets too far or I want him inside, I call him and press the button (on the lowest setting possible).

Well, I noticed him in the front yard under a cedar tree, close to the street.  I wanted him to come towards the back where it is safer.  I called him, and pressed the button.  He completely ignored me and was laser focused on something he had.  I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew it was going to be gross. 

Since it was freezing cold, I went upstairs to bundle up and put on some boots.  As I came down the stairs I could see him up closer to the house, so I could go out the front door to grab him.  I walked out onto the porch and looked at the snow-covered ground (my front yard is a 1 acre sloping hill).  What ever he had in his mouth (still) was bleeding all over the yard.  It looked like a massacre had occurred.  I could not believe the amount of blood spilled everywhere.  This is where my panic driven heart attack began.  I looked at my dog and he was holding in his mouth, in a protective manner, some type of animal head.  Yep, I said head.  AHHHHH was my first response.  I then had to get him to DROP IT!  I needed to put it in a bag and try to identify it, incase it was another dog.  It looked like a dog or canine type animal.  I rolled it over and could not tell what it was.  With a stick I was able to get it into a large bag.  I called animal control, they came out and identified it as a deer head.  OMG!  I was so disgusted.

It was traumatic and finally over.  Or so I thought.  One week later, the dog came running back to the house to come inside to enjoy his new find.  It was a leg of the deer that still had ‘material’ on it.  Again…AHHHHH.  So with much yanking and demanding he finally relinquished the ‘bone’.  Bagged it and threw it away.

So now I need to go into the woods and find this animal before anymore of it ends up on or near my porch.  Not to mention any illness my dogs may get by eating this thing.  Well for now that is the end of this experience.  With any luck there will be no more shocking scenes.  UGH!


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