Dog Breeds with Black Tongues

30 Jan


I found this on  It is great info, I have a ridgeback and I thought he was a mix breed.  He has a spotted tongue…perhaps he is not as mixed as I thought.

The Chinese Shar-Pei (commonly referred to as the ‘wrinkle dog‘) is another breed that is known to have a black tongue. Many breeds are known to have tongues or gums with black spots, prompting less knowledgeable owners to think they may have a dog that is of mixed parentage rather than a purebred. Now to answer the question correctly the follow breeds are ALL know to have black tongues:
Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd
Belgian Sheepdog
Belgian Malinois
Bichon Frise
Bull Mastiff
Cairn Terrier
Cocker Spaniel
Doberman Pinscher
English Setter
German Shepherd Dog
Golden Retriever
Gordon Setter
Great Pyranees
Irish Setter
Labrador Retriever
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Siberian Husky
Tibetan Mastiff…..
as well as several other breeds that are less well known here in the United States.

And to throw in there as well what is the cause of this. The black spots on a dog’s tongue are a result of excessive pigment, much the same as freckles or birthmarks that might appear on you and I


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