Fast Speedy Dog Breeds

19 Jan

Fast Dog Breeds

This is a list of the fastest dog breeds. These dogs are extremely fast, and agile on their feet.

Domestic dogs vary in size and shape so significantly that it’s difficult to get a bead on just how fast they can run in general. However, most seem to travel at top speeds between 18 to 31 miles per hour, with 19 or so being the average.

This puts dogs at slightly over a three-minute mile on average. The human per-mile record is slightly under four minutes.
The greyhound is generally considered to be the fastest domesticated dog, reaching average speeds of approximately 45 miles per hour. However, on longer runs, the saluki gives the greyhound a run for its money.

The Saluki has been clocked at top speeds of about 40 mph on short runs, but its remarkable endurance allows it to run fast for long periods of time, unlike other dog breeds.



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