Dogs in the snow

14 Jan

With all the snow we have been having, the one department in the family unit that has been having the most fun – the dogs.  They are fun to watch.  Everyone of them walks back into the house with a chunk of snow sitting right above their noses (or snouts – which ever)

It is funny to watch them run and then try to stop quickly.  They either slide or take a tumble.  They seem to be smiling the whole time.  Their ears are perked up, they seem to have a heighten sense of alertness.  It looks like they are trying to take a mental note of everything .  They have a whole new set of sents to investigate, things sound different, and things are dripping or falling off of anything above their heads. 

Romping is the best way to describe their gait.  They are energized and extra playful.  They get a little confused when they are trying to find their familiar spots, but they are managing.   The best part is, due to the cold, they don’t run off too far, and they come into the warm house as quick as they are called.  Good boys!  What a fun time they are having.


One Response to “Dogs in the snow”

  1. kluckmeister January 14, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    I don’t think there’s a better exemplification of pure happiness than watching a dog in the snow.

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