Fixing some problems and getting an impactful focus on the Arizona Tragedy

11 Jan

The left is blaming the right.  The right is blaming the left.  His friends, acquaintances call him a left-wing pot head.   Talk radio, fox news, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, health care, immigration, and so on are being blamed.  Except for the people who met him –  all of these accusations are  incorrect, and unintelligent, and as crazy as the shooter himself.  This guy did not have political capacity.  He didn’t have human attachment capacity.  He doesn’t have the ability to keep a sane thought for the most part. 

We need to focus on prayer for those impacted.  Those that lost their lives, injured and lost their regular health and lifestyles, those that lost family members and friends.  The shooter’s family has now a burden to bear forever.

Can we focus please at this time on the opportunity to get improved mental health in this country?  There are so many people who have severe mental illness, are dysfunctional and unable to connect with society, that need help.  This situation is screaming this obvious need.  If there is a person over the age of 18 in this country with a severe mental illness there is almost no way to get them consistent and quality  comprehensive help.  Parents have few options.  The socially compromised individual has almost no means to help themselves.  They are unstable and are left un-medicated, un-counseled, wandering aimlessly with struggles with anyone they pass, and many times drug and legal problems.

While everyone is trying to blame others, and make political benefits for themselves – the real group we can help to everyone’s benefit is the mentally and socially challenged.  We have politicians and reporters talking about restricting first amendment rights, second amendment rights, changing the security for congress members, and prevent people to have access to their elected officials.  How about talking about how to help this group of people in need?

Why can’t we focus on accomplishing a clear and comprehensive process for helping people with mental and social challenges.  Can this nation use this opportunity and its’ resources to truly do some good?  Can America make the right changes that we will look back on with pain of the event, but pride for the response?

Just a thought.


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