People that have left an impression – 1

8 Jan
We all meet people in our lives that make us stop and say WOW. That can mean many things, but what I’m talking about is the kind of WOW that is inspiring and moving. The value that person‘s soul has in visible and almost touchable.

I know a lady that is pleasant of nature. Smiles and reaches out in a quite way, but is not shy. She lives in a mild way, not extravagant or flashy. I couldn’t tell you what financial status she holds. She could be a millionaire or one step from poverty, she doesn’t display that image.
She married her true love. They had a daughter and lived a modest life. She home-schooled her little girl, and became very close with her. Her daughter grew painfully shy, and she saw this happening. To help her daughter she enrolled her into a small Christian school her last two years of high school.
The daughter didn’t like this idea at first. She was obedient and knew her parents loved her, so she trusted them and forced herself to try. Over the two years the girl eased into the school environment. She made friends, participated, and had a lot of fun. It was a good experience for her, and the mom was correct in taking this action. Her daughter grew to be a stronger person ready to face the world in her own way, with out as much fear.
During this two year period the lady’s husband became ill. He was a gentle older man, retired from his job. He began to have some strokes, and his wife and daughter took tender care of him. When ever I saw him he had a happy smile on his face, and was always within a hands touch of his beloved wife. She would take him on small walks, talking in his ear and patting his hand softly. They smiled at each other looking into their eyes with a passion only they new.
While he was recovering from his strokes he became ill with a lymphoma. The strokes had left him with a degree of dementia, and the lymphoma set the stage for a final blow. The lady, who loved this man so much, with all the grace she could draw chose not to put him through the painful treatments he would have faced. He was not aware of his illness, despite being told, and was happy living his life as he was. She knew this was going to end with his loss either way, and she wanted him to be happy, and as comfortable as possible.
The lady and her daughter spent every moment they could with this man. The daughter told him good morning every morning, and good night every night with out fail. She refused to miss a day. The family wrote each other little notes, shared time and laughter, and slowly stood by this father and husband they loved so much through his last days. He passed away after about a year, gently in his sleep. He never suffered and was always surrounded by those he loved. It was the February of his daughter’s high school senior year.
The ladies he left behind graciously mourn their loss. They never complain, they always smile and are happy to reach out to anyone they see. The girl graduated high school, and everyone came to her party. Then and there it hit me. This woman lost her life’s love quietly and gracefully a few months back. She gave him every ounce of love and respect she had. Then today she watched as her daughter took her first steps towards her own path. She, with grace and dignity, proudly supports and encourages her daughter to move forward and to go do what her life allows.
The two most important people in her life are going their ways almost at the same time. If it were me, I couldn’t hold myself together, let alone show such grace and encouragement. She is an amazing person, who’s soul shows its value and worth. She, as quiet and humble as she is, is as strong and impactful as any I have met. WOW – what an amazing and inspiring person.
She has made an impression on me that I will never forget. I am a better person from understanding the example she demonstrates in her actions. I am Blessed for having looked around and seeing her.


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