My silly silly dogs

8 Jan

I was letting them ‘out’ and they went flying out the door.  The two bigger ones slipped and slided, but managed to stay up.  The smaller one however…not so lucky.  I tried to slow them down and have them walk out.  They were too excited.  My smaller dog face planted immediately, then landed spread eagle on the ground.  The momentum of his motion had him sliding on his belly, uncontrollably, in circles to the edge of the patio (about 16 feet).  You should have seen the look on his face!  Shocked, confused, dizzy, and concerned.  He did not get hurt.

The bigger dog is able to see the squirrels in the trees better.  He went running full force to a tree, looking up,  and jumped.  He jumped so high he landed on the first branch of the tree.  He was in a position to climb the tree.  The lowest limb is about 5 1/2 feet off the ground, and his back legs made it!  A remarkable jump.   He was stunned, and in one smooth motion jump over the limb to the ground.  He did not get hurt.

The other big dog has a lot of fur.  He is a hairy beast.  He got into the trees and brush and somehow got an entire thorn-bush stuck to his tail.  It was not a little bush, but a big one.  When he walked into the door way it hit both sides of the door.  I realized what he had gotten himself into, and tried to help.  I pricked every finger on every razor-sharp thorn on that bush.  It was entwined with his tail, so every time he sat down, he stood right back up.  I cut half the fur off his tail to get it out.  He did not get hurt…but I have 4 band aids on.


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